Wednesday 14 December 2011

Wednesday 14 December

Clearing trees near Spoutwells, Dunkeld
The gales of last week certainly left their mark. We have just about recovered from the 3 day power cut, but there are a lot of trees down. Most of the paths at the Blair Atholl end of the estate have been cleared, but do let us know if you come across any trees down on the trails here. The Dunkeld area was very badly hit, and it will take some time to get all the trees cleared from the tracks and paths. In some places you can't actually see where the path is supposed to be. The main path up to Loch Ordie has been cleared, and the path towards Rotmell from Polney Loch is also now clear. The paths in the Craig y Barns area, including the Polney to Cally Car Park path, have been particularly badly affected, and are not passable in places at the moment. We are working our chainsaws hard, but some routes may not be clear until into the New Year.