Thursday 7 April 2011

Thursday 7th April

If you are looking for a nice walk since the weather is heating up I would recommend a trip to Loch Ordie.  The trails will take you past several lochs on the way up to Loch Ordie including Cally and Rotmell Loch and Mill Dam.  If you are lucky you may even come across ospreys fishing or building nests in the area and keep your eyes open for roe and fallow deer and the wide variety of birds which inhabit the loch including teal which you may be lucky in seeing at Mill Dam if you are very quitet.  There are plenty of white fallow deer in the area which is always a nice sight to see.  The onset of spring are caused many of the trees and plants to start flowering like wild primroses, coltsfoot, willow and larch and even the flowers of blackthorns. It really is a beautiful and pleasurable walk and is recommended to anyone looking for a good day out.

Lady's Mantle

White fallow deer

Flowering Larch



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