Saturday 18 June 2011

Saturday 18th June

Our red squirrels are busy again. They are chasing each other all around the tree tops, which is typical mating activity, and brilliant to watch. The good spring has allowed them to produce one litter of kittens and they will now be thinking about a second litter.

Greylag geese are a common sight here in the fields in winter. However, a few have decided not to make the journey north to breed this year, and have stayed here. We now have some fluffy greylag goslings on our ponds at Blairuachdar.

I saw a birdsnest orchid while in the woods in Glen Tilt. Not the prettiest of orchids, they get their nutrients from rotting vegetation and fungi. Because of this they don’t need any green colour for photosynthesis, and are very difficult to spot! These orchids like non-acidic soils -  there are outcrops of limestone amongst the schists in Glen Tilt.

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