Saturday 9 July 2011

Saturday 9th July

Last night we had the moth trap out to see what species there are flying around the estate near the castle.  The trap consists of a high intensity bulb positioned on a large container with a funnel pointing down the way where the moths fly into then get trapped.  There are eggs boxes inside the container for the moths to hide under so they are safe and unharmed in the trap.  We check the trap in the morning to record the species then release the moths at night so they do not get predated upon by birds. 

We recorded over 15 species in the trap this morning and were really excited when we came across a bedstraw hawkmoth.  It was very large and looked amazing with its white band around its face and the red tingle to the inside of its wings.  Another moth we captured was the burnished brass which has really bright shiny gold patches on its wings.  The beautiful golden y moth was also very pretty as its name suggests and had extensions to its wings, also like the burnished brass.  This will help the moths blend into their surroundings and make them resemble dried leaves or bark to reduce the risk of predation. It really is amazing the amount of different moth species you can get in your back garden which you rarely get the chance to see up close.

Burnished Brass

Bedstraw Hawkmoth

Beautiful Golden Y

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