Wednesday 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10th August

The heavy rain during today and last night has mean that we have had to cancel our Gala night which was due to take place in Blair Atholl tonight.  We will hopefully be rescheduling for later on in the year so keep posted for information. 
Up on the Glen Banvie trail near Ruichlachrie a male merlin was spotted resting on a rock whilst out on a landrover tour.  The merlin is the smallest bird of prey which inhabits the UK.  They feed mainly on small birds but also on large moths and small mammals.  At Glen Banvie it would probably be feeding mainly on wheatears and meadow pipets.  They have fast flight in order to catch their prey and will sometimes even use vegetation to take them by surprise.  So keep your eyes open whilst up the glens because you could spot the smallest bird of prey, the merlin, or even the largest bird prey in the UK, the sea eagle (also called the white tailed eagle) if you are really lucky. 
Sea Eagle in flight

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