Friday 23 March 2012

Red Squirrel Photos

We haven't had much luck capturing any images of wildcats recently and were starting to think that there might be something the matter with our trail cameras. So to check that they were working properly, we put them where there was sure to be some animal action - at one of the 3 squirrel feeders that we have around the castle grounds. As you can see from the pictures below, the trail cameras work fine but it looks like we will have to keep trying before we see some wildcats!

A bushy-tailed red squirrel sitting on our squirrel feeder
You can see that this squirrel has a bald patch on it's back,
perhaps it had a close encounter with a bird of prey or a pine marten?
Red squirrel nibbling a nut!
And this fearsome beastie? An escaped sheep coming to
investigate our wildcat bait!

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