Monday 4 March 2013

Bats in the Daytime: Part II

A quick update following on from the previous post:

It turns out that someone did get a photograph of the bat that we saw enjoying a spot of daytime flying, it just took a bit of time finding the bat in the picture as it came out so small and blurry due to the speed at which it was flying. With a little bit of digital 'magic' you can see how the bat's features emerge from the initial blurred photo. Although perhaps still not good enough to make a decisive identification of the species, it being a Pipistrelle is still a pretty safe bet. Thanks to my Dad for passing on the photo (and double checking for bats in the first place!).

Click on the images for a larger view

Close-up crop of  the original photo. A bit blurry but you can easily see
the 'bat' shape. (click on the pictures to enlarge) Image: E.Gilhooley
'Tweaked' version of the original. Still blurred but the wing
outline is much clearer. Image: E.Gilhooley

Black and white version of the image, zoomed in and sharpened up . The overall shape is clear and
even facial features begin to emerge. Not bad from a slightly blurry original photo. Image: E.Gilhooley

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